Boughton Calls on Malloy to Sign an Executive Order Allowing Early Tax Payments

April 11, 2018

Boughton says Malloy choosing politics over helping middle-class families 

Today, Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton demanded Governor Dan Malloy join the states of New York and New Jersey in ensuring institutions accept early tax payments before January 1, 2018 when new tax reform laws take effect.

“Signing an executive order is a great way to help families save money. Because Connecticut has such a high tax burden, we are not benefiting from the tax relief that the rest of the country is going to receive. Governor Malloy has a chance to lend a hand to working families and he has decided to snub them for the sake of petty politics. This is simply not right,” said Boughton. “What’s clear is that Dan Malloy has chosen once again to ignore the struggling people of Connecticut. It’s time for new leadership. We need someone who is focused on our resident’s needs,” added Boughton.

Issuing an executive order for all municipalities to accept early payments creates a uniformity through our state, and enables our residents to reduce their tax burden. The choice to prepay taxes should be available to all residents regardless of where they live.